When it debuted in 1985, 667 served as a step forward for African-American occult television programs. The show centered on Mary Denkins, a sass-mouthed, gossipy housewife, and her dealings with her neighbors – both living and undead. The titular apartment was located right next to apartment 666, where, unsurprisingly, Satan resides. As we’re told in the ultra-catchy opening theme song, Satan opened a Hell Gate and found this apartment built on top of it. So he decided to set up shop in the apartment. Because of Satan’s unholy energy, the building soon attracted vampires, ghouls and Mary Denkins and her family. It’s never revealed why Mary and her family decide to move in; when the series premiered, they’d already been living there for almost 6 months (Mary’s husband Fester jokes, “It feels like 666 months!”). It’s never explicitly stated that Mary and her family are evil or undead, but there are numerous hints that something isn’t quite right with them, like their daughter Glenda walking on the ceiling and Fester foaming at the mouth while eating dinner.

Throughout the show’s run, Mary always found herself learning of some juicy gossip concerning one of the ghouls or goblins in the building and trying to help them out. She would also constantly bicker with voluptuous vampire Sandra, debating whether it was okay for Sandra to drink the blood of the living or turn them into one of her mindless minions. Interestingly enough, Sandra never attempted to bite Mary or her family, thus lending credibility to the “Mary is a demon/undead” theory.

Satan didn’t show up often, but he could be heard through the walls of the apartment in almost every episode, usually cackling or whipping various sinners. Whenever he did show up, it always resulted in a “very special episode,” where Satan would show up, gossip with Mary, and then give some advice. In later seasons, in an attempt to boost somewhat sagging ratings, the producers had Fester leave Mary, causing her to end up in a relationship with Satan. By this point, the show had dipped severely in quality, due to star Carla Bibbs’ increased dabbling in drugs and hate crime. During the filming of what would become the series finale, Bibbs showed up on set covered in animal blood and shouting gibberish. Her unhinged mental state lent a dark mood to the episode, which was already fairly dark to being with. In it, Mary broke off her relationship with Satan, who proceeded to devour her daughter and then attempt to kill Mary. Through a freak occurrence, Mary ends up decapitating Satan and is immediately proclaimed Queen of Hell. She takes up residence in apartment 666 and life goes on.

Bibbs wasn’t as lucky as her character, as she was quickly committed to a mental institution, living out the rest of her sad life in a padded cell.